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Biodynamics Optical Imaging Center (BIOPIC) is an interdisciplinary research center established by Peking University in 2010. The aim of the center is to develop and apply the most advanced bioimaging and sequencing techniques to address fundamental biological and compelling medical problems at the molecular and cellular levels. Equipped with state-of-art facilities, BIOPIC will focus on the following five areas of technical development:

(1) Single molecule observation and manipulation: from in vitro to in vivo
(2) High throughput sequencing
(3) Super-resolution cellular imaging
(4) Microfluidic control and analysis of single cells
(5) Label-free biomedical imaging

BIOPIC will take advantage of these latest technologies to conduct fundamental researches in biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology and cell biology, with the hope to provide understanding of stem cells, cancers, infectious and metabolic diseases. BIOPIC wishes to make an impact on life sciences through international collaborations, by applying cutting edge technologies to biomedical research with a multidisciplinary approach.

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