Yanyi Huang
Professor (PI)

  • E-mail:yanyi#pku.edu.cn
  • Tel:+86-10-6276.7408
    Office:Rm. 307, Biodynamic Optical Imaging Center, Integrated Science Research Center, Peking University
    Mailing Address:Biodynamic Optical Imaging Center, Integrated Science Research Center, Peking University, Yiheyuan Rd., No. 5, Haidian District, Beijing, 100871
  • Sc.D., Peking University, 2002, Chemistry
    B.S., Peking University, 1997, Chemistry
    Professional Experiences
  • 2002-2005, California Institute of Technology, Postdoctoral Scholar in Applied Physics
    2005-2006, Stanford University, Postdoctoral Scholar in Bioengineering
    2006-present, Peking University, College of Engineering, Professor
    2007-present, Peking University, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Adjunct Professor
    2010-present, Peking University, BIOPIC, Professor
    Research Interests
  • Huang group is working on technology development for integrative biology researches. Our current research interests include genome sequencing technologies, microfluidics, and bioimaging. We are developing a few key advanced technologies to facilitate genome sequencing and its applications, especially the novel chemistry and instruments for DNA sequencing, single-cell genome and transcriptome analysis, as well as epigenomic studies of limited number of cells. We also apply large-scale integrated microfluidic devices to perform quantitative biological studies. We use microfluidic chips to culture cells and to apply the stimuli precisely. By observing the cells' behavior on-chip, we are able to track the stochastic and dynamic life process with single-cell resolution. We are developing new imaging technologies and image processing algorithms to study the dynamics of cells and organisms. We use coherent Raman scattering microscopes to study the chemical distribution in living animals and cells without labeling. Currently we are also working on drug delivery and cancer diagnosis using this label-free technology.
    Awards and Honors
  • 2012, Excellent Young Scholar, National Science Foundation of China
    2010, Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation Young Teacher Fund
    2009, Peking University Teaching Contest, 1st Rank
    2008, Program for New Century Excellent Talent in Universities, Ministry of Education
    2004, National Excellent Doctoral Thesis Award, Ministry of Education
    2003, National Natural Science Award, 2nd Rank, State Council, the fourth contributor
    2001, May-Fourth Medal, Peking University
    2000, May-Fourth Scholarship, National Student Union
    Selected Publication
  • 1. Zhilong Yu, Tao Chen, Xiannian Zhang, Dan Fu, Xin Liao, Jie Shen, Xinxing Liu, Bo Zhang, X. Sunney Xie, Xiaodong Su, Junyuan Chen,* Yanyi Huang.* Label-free chemical imaging in vivo: three-dimensional non-invasive microscopic observation of amphioxus notochord through stimulated Raman scattering (SRS). Chemical Science 2012, 3(8), 2646-2654.

    2. Chunhong Zheng, Jingwen Wang, Yuhong Pang, Jianbin Wang, Wenbin Li, Zigang Ge,* Yanyi Huang.* High-throughput immunoassay through in-channel microfluidic patterning. Lab on a Chip 2012, 12(14), 2487-2490.

    3. Yongfan Men, Yusi Fu, Zitian Chen, Peter A. Sims, William J. Greenleaf, Yanyi Huang.* Digital polymerase chain reaction in an array of femtoliter PDMS microreactors. Analytical Chemistry 2012, 84(10), 4262-4266.

    4. Wentao Li, Tao Chen, Zitian Chen, Peng Fei, Zhilong Yu, Yuhong Pang, Yanyi Huang.* Squeeze-chip: A finger controlled microfluidic flow network device and its application to biochemical assays. Lab on a Chip 2012, 12(9), 1587-1590.

    5. Peng Fei, Zi He, Chunhong Zheng, Tao Chen, Yongfan Men, Yanyi Huang.* Discretely Tunable Optofluidic Compound Microlenses. Lab on a Chip 2011, 11(17), 2835-2841.

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