Fan Bai
Single-molecule biophysics,single
cell gene sequencing,systems biology
Wulan Deng
Regulation mechanisms of transcription and chromatin, and their dynamics at single molecular level.
Ge Gao
Boinformatics, Biological Big Data Analysis and Visualization
Hao Ge
Single Molecule Biophysics, Biomathematics
Yiqin Gao
Theoretical/Computational Chemistry,Biophysical Chemistry
Yanyi Huang
Label-free microscopy, microfluidics, sequencing technology
Xiaodong Su
Biophysics, Structural Biology
Yujie Sun
Single Molecule Microscopy
Fuchou Tang
Stem Cell Biology, Genomics
Wensheng Wei
Genomics, Bio Technology
Dong Xing
Genome stability, regulation of gene expression and the role of 3D genome organization
Xiaoliang Sunney Xie
Single Molecule Biophysics, Optical
Imaging Technology
Zemin Zhang
Cancer Biology, Bioinformatics
Xinsheng Zhao
Chemical Biology, Physical Chemistry