Yujie Sun
Assistant Professor (PI)

  • E-mail:single_molecule@pku.edu.cn
  • Tel:+86-10-62747460
    Office:Rm. 203 BIOPIC Building
    Mailing Address:Biodynamics Optical Imaging Center, Peking University, Beijing, China, 100871
  • PhD,University of Pittsburgh,2005,Chemistry
    MS,University of Sci. & Tech. China,1999,Chemistry
    BS,University of Sci. & Tech. China,1996,Chemistry

    Professional Experiences

  • 2010-now Assistant Professor, Biodynamics Optical Imaging Center, College of Life Sciences & Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University

    2005-2010,Postdoctoral Fellow & Senior Investigator, Pennsylvania Muscle Institute & Nano/Bio Interface Center, University of Pennsylvania
    Research Interests

  • Single molecule techniques have become the essential means for life sciences. One of their ultimate goals is to observe, in a live cell at real time, the dynamics of single molecules, including bio-macromolecules, thereby at the molecular level, to understand cellular processes under the physiological condition. The main direction of the Lab of Single Molecule and Live Cell Dynamics is to invent, develop, and apply new and present single molecule techniques, including super-resolution single molecule fluorescence microscopy and single molecule manipulation, and to study the gene regulation and expression of live cells, such as cancer cells and stem cells, at the molecular cell and advance the research of cancer therapy and stem cell. Collaborating with other PIs at BIOPIC, we are going to push forward the following research directions using super-resolution imaging and live-cell imaging techniques:(1) Gene regulation and expression of mammals; (2) The role of stochastic gene expression in stem cell differentiation; (3) Using flow cytometry, microfluidics, and high-throughput sequencing, we will advance our understanding of gene regulation from the level of single cell to the level of cell colony, tissue, and organs, and understand at the higher order of life, how gene regulation and expression are coordinated among cells.
    Awards and Honors

  • 2017, Bayer Investigator Award

    2014, Tonghuadongbao Teacher's Award, College of Biology, Peking University

    2012, Youth Qianren Program, Ministry of Science and Technology
    2010, Best Poster Award, PMI Annual Meeting, University of Pennsylvania
    2007,Best Poster Award, Physiology Department Annual Meeting, University of Pennsylvania
    2006,Best Poster Award, Physiology Department Annual Meeting, University of Pennsylvania
    2006 ,Postdoctoral Travel Award, Biophysical Society, Molecular Motor Discussions Meeting
    2000 ,Safford Award for Excellence as a Graduate Student Teacher, University of Pittsburgh

    Selected Publication

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