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Yun Zhang
Research Engineer

  • E-mail:zhangyun.biopic@pku.edu.cn
  • Tel:+86-10-6275.6916
    Mailing Address:Biodynamics Optical Imaging Center,Peking University, Beijing, China, 100871
  • Ph. D., Iowa State University, 2008, Analytical Chemistry
    B.S., Peking University, 2003, Chemistry

    Professional Experiences

  • 2010-Present, Peking University, Research Engineer
    2009-2010, Bayer Healthcare, Regulatory Affairs Specialist
    Research Interests

  • Next Generation Sequencing Single Cell and Single Molecule Imaging
    Awards and Honors

    Selected Publication

    3, Zhang, Y.; Phillips, G. J.; Li, Q.; Yeung, E. S. “Imaging localized ATP release with firefly luciferase beads attached to the cell surface.” Anal.Chem. 80(23), 9316-9325, 2008

    2, Zhang, Y.; Phillips, G. J.; Yeung, E. S. “Quantitative Imaging of Gene Expression in Individual Bacterial Cells by Chemiluminescence.” Anal.Chem. 80(3), 597-605, 2008

    1, Zhang, Y.; Phillips, G. J.; Yeung, E. S. “Real-Time Monitoring of Single Bacterium Lysis and Leakage Events by Chemiluminescence Microscopy.” Anal.Chem, 79 (14), 5373 -5381, 2007