Announcement: Talk by Dr. Haifeng Duan

Time: 10: 00 A. M., Feb, 23rd
Location: Conference Room, BIOPIC Building, Peking University
Presenter: Dr. Haifeng Duan ( Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Harvard University)
Title:Synthesis of Terminal-Phosphate Labeled Nucleotides and Their Application in Pyrosequencing in PDMS Microreactor.
High-throughput, cost-effective DNA sequencing has emerged as a powerful tool for biology and personalized medicine. However, a dramatic reduction in cost and increase in speed are needed for mass-market genetic analysis to benefit human health. Through synthesis and modifying certain dye molecular, a serious of terminal-phosphate labeled fluorogenic nucleotides (TPLFNs) have been made in our lab in short, concise method. These TPLFNs can then be used as substrates for nucleic acid replicating catalysts and that become able to emit light as a result of incorporation of the nucleotide into a nucleic acid. This method fulfill DNA sequencing in a manner similar to pyrosequencing but with a fluorescence signal. The DNA sequence can be determined by microscopic imaging technique.