Announcement: Talk by Dr. Peter Lu

Title: Swarming Bacteria and Diffusing Particles High-Throughput Analysis of Microscopic 3D Motion
Presenter: Peter Lu, Department of Physics, Harvard University
Time: Oct. 25th, 2010, 16:00 PM
Location: A 205 Meeting Room, New Chemistry Building, Peking University
Hosted by Yanyi Huang ( yanyi@pku.edu.cn)
Summary of the Talk:
Ever since the 1827 discovery of Brownian motion by observing pollen grains, quantifying motion under the microscope has led to breakthroughs in physics, biology and engineering. Here, I present methods we have developed using confocal microscopy to deduce 3D structure and dynamics from 2D image sequences. We analyze the motion of diffusing colloidal particles and swarms of bacteria free to swim in 3D, which we observe at the single-organism level. We rely heavily on GPU computing to process our large data sets, making extensive use of NPP, CuFFT and optical-flow CUDA algorithms originally developed for machine vision in automobiles.
Selected Publication of Dr. Peter Lu
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