Professor James Anderson Visited BIOPIC

Professor James Anderson of Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology visited BIOPIC between August 27th and Sept. 5th. Co-hosted by the College of Physics, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering and College of Environmental Sciences, Professor Anderson gave a talk by the title of “Chemical Physics of the Climate Structure: Feedbacks and Irreversibility”,
Professor Anderson is a world renowned expert on chemistry and physics of climate and earth system change. His laboratory performs research with scientific objectives ranging from studies of radical-molecule reactivity, to global stratospheric/tropospheric ozone chemistry, to mechanisms that control climate change. His research couples dynamics, radiation, and chemistry by developing experimental approaches for testing predictions of global-scale changes in the climate system in 1996.
Professor Anderson was elected academician of American Academy of Sciences in 1992, and won numerous award for his contributions to the field.
Professor Anderson’s father Dr. Paul Anderson was the first chairman of Yanching University, and made great contributions to the founding and earliest developments of Chinese researches and education in physics. Yanching University was dissolved after the establishment of P. R. China and part of it merged with Peking University, which also moved to Yanching’s beautiful campus. Accompanied by BIOPIC colleagues, Professor James Anderson visited the working place of his father. Peking University leaders expressed their deep appreciation of the contributions Paul Anderson made and wished for further cooperation between PKU researchers and James Anderson.