Sept. 23rd, Prostate Cancer Foundation Meeting Announcement

Content of the meeting:

1. Enduring Discovery – Prolonging Life for Prostate Cancer Patients

2. Discussion about cancer intravital imaging and circulating tumor cells

Speakers: Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) China delegation

Time: 215pm - 345pm, Sept. 23rd,

Venue: Rm. 302, Integrated Science Research Center


PCF China IntroducationFirmly committed to curing prostate cancer, the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is the leading philanthropic organization funding and accelerating research globally. Through the generous contributions of our donors, we have funded more than 2,000 programs at more than 200 research centers in 18 countries, including Peoples Republic of China. In 2012, we founded PCF China, an initiative aimed to facilitate the development of China’s cancer research enterprise and encourage international research collaboration. In the past two years, PCF China has funded five prostate cancer researchers in China and hosted four international conferences in Shanghai and Beijing to accelerate global knowledge exchange around prostate cancer research.