April 29th, Duke University Warren Warre Talk Annoucement

Title: Applications of nonlinear optical molecular imaging to clinical diagnosis, 

          materials science, and artwork characterization

Speaker: Warren S. Warren

               James B. Duke Professor of Chemistry, Radiology, Biomedical 

               Engineering and Physics

               Director, Center for Molecular and Biomolecular Imaging

               Duke University

Location: BIOPIC Conference Room

Time: 10:30am, April 29th

Contact: Yujie Sun, sun_yujie@pku.edu.cn, 62744060


Molecular imaging-the use of chemical signatures to image function instead of merely structure-promises to enable a new generation of clinical modalities that can revolutionize both diagnosis and treatment.A close coupling between basic physics and focused clinical questions enables new and important applications.In optics, over the last decade our lab has developed advanced femtosecond pulse shaping and detection technologies to access intrinsic nonlinear signatures that were not previously observable in tissue such as excited state absorption, ground state depletion, and cross phase modulation. Applications to imaging hemoglobins and melanins will be highlighted, including recent work which could revolutionize melanoma diagnosis by improving the pathology“gold standard;’ live animal imaging; work on ocular melanomas; and characterization of melanins in fossils.I will also present a variety of applications of nonlinear imaging in materials science, including imaging of graphene or carbon nanotubes in scattering environments, and imaging of pigments in Renaissance paintings to infer the artist’s original colors and intent.