Dec. 20th, Dan FU, Seeing is believing: unleashing the power of nonlinear optics

Title: Seeing is believing: unleashing the power of nonlinear optics

Speaker: Dr. Dan FU

               Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

               Harvard University

Time: 10:00AM, Dec. 20th

Location: BIOPIC Conference Room

Host: Sunney Xie

Contact: Ms. He Jiao, 62767408, hejiao@pku.edu.cn


Abstract of the talk:

Optical Microscopy has long been the cornerstone of modern cell biology research. The majority of tools that are developed for biology rely on fluorescence detection, which has limitations in studying live tissue. In this talk he will present recent technical developments in nonlinear optical microscopy has empowered us with the ability to observe dynamic molecular processes within unstained live tissue. Nonlinear optical contrasts based on absorption and Raman are intrinsic to many important biological molecules. He will talk about the applications of absorption imaging of melanin for melanoma diagnosis, absorption imaging of hemoglobin for studying tumor microenvironment and Raman imaging for studying lipid metabolism as well as tissue diagnosis.


Brief Introduction of Dr. Fu Dan

Dr. Fu Dan graduated from Peking University with a BSc in Chemistry in 2003. Then he started his PhD study in Princeton University at the beginning of 2004. Working with Professor Warren Warren, he developed the two photon absorption and excited state absorption microscopy techniques and used them to imaging melanin distribution in skin tissue with the aim of early melanoma diagnosis, and imaging hemoglobin for studying in microvasculature and oxygenation in live tissue. After graduation in 2009 he moved to MIT to work with the late Professor Michael Feld on the use of phase microscopy to study cell dynamics and suppress tissue turbidity. In 2010, he started working with Professor Sunney Xie at Harvard University, where he developed SRS spectral imaging for studying lipid biology and tissue diagnosis.