Scientific Updates

“Accurate Deduction of Maternal Genome Information” Listed as Top 10 China’s Scientific Advances in 2014


According to Xinhuanet, the research project “Deducing maternal genome information by high-throughput sequencing of polar bodies” was listed in Top 10 China’s Scientific Advances in 2014. This project was accomplished by the collaborative team of Professors of X. Sunney Xie and Fuchou Tang of BIOPIC, and Prof. Jie Qiao in the Third Hospital, Peking University.

It has both important scientific significance and clinical implications to get the sequence of all genes (whole-genome-wide) in cells. However, it is very difficult to do whole genome sequencing at a single cell level because every gene has only two copies in each single mammalian cell.

“Researchers skillfully sequenced the whole genome of polar bodies which are the byproducts during oocyte maturation, to deduce the maternal genome information and select a normal embryo to transfer”, as commented in Cell.

Professor Tang said that this technology enables researchers to detect not only chromosomal abnormality, but also the genetic disease associated mutations on DNA. This technique can dramatically improve the live-birth rate of IVF.

As introduced by Jianxiang Yuan, Associated Director of Basic Research Administration Center, Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Top 10 China’s Scientific Advances aims to promote popularization of China’s important basic research breakthroughs among the public. 270 projects have been nominated this year, among which 30 entered the short list. The final list has been decided by members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, advisory board members and chief scientists in the 973 Program, directors of state key laboratories and other reputed scholars.