Add:Rm. 302, Biomedical Pioneering Innovation Center, Integrated Science Research Center No.2,Peking University

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Hao Ge

2011-present, Peking University, BIOPIC, Principal Investigator
2022-present, Peking University, Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research, Tenured Professor
2018-2022, Peking University, Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research, Tenured Associate Professor
2011-2017, Peking University, Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research, Associate Professor
2010-2011, Harvard University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Visiting Scholar
2010-2011, Fudan University, School of Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor
2008-2009, Fudan University, School of Mathematical Sciences, Lecturer
2008, Sc.D., Peking University, Mathematics
2004, B.S., Peking University, Mathematics


Research Interests

Nonequilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics; Single-molecule physical chemistry; Mathematical biology; Biophysical chemistry Probability and stochastic process, as an important branch of mathematics, have already been widely applied in a lot of scientific fields, and become more and more popular due to recent development of advanced experimental techniques. We want to answer several fundamental questions in sciences, such as cell biology and statistical mechanics, through carefully studying their related stochastic models. It is a really interdisciplinary field, which involves mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and even engineering.

Awards and Honors

2022, NSFC, Distinguished Young Scholar Award

2017, Huang Tingfang/Xinhe Young Distinguished Scholar Fellowship at Peking University

2016, NSFC,Excellent Young Scholar Award

2010, National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation in China

2009, Nineth “Zhong Jiaqing” Mathematical Awards of the Chinese Mathematical Community (Prize for Doctorial dissertation)

Selected Publication
  1. Guo, X.L., Tang, T., Duan, M.X., Zhang, L.* and Ge, H.*: The Nonequilibrium Mechanism of Noise-Enhanced Drug Synergy in HIV Latency Reactivation. iScience 25,104358 (2022) 
  2. Qian, H. and Ge, H.: Stochastic Chemical Reaction Systems in Biology. in Lecture Notes on Mathematical Modeling in the Life Sciences (LMML) series. Springer (2021)
  3. Ge, H., Jia, C. and Jin, X.: Martingale structure for general thermodynamic functionals of diffusion processes under second-order averaging. Journal of Statistical Physics 184:17 (2021)
  4. Hao Ge*, Pingping Wu, Hong Qian and Xiaoliang Sunney Xie*: Relatively slow stochastic gene-state switching in the presence of positive feedback significantly broadens the region of bimodality through stablizing the uninduced phenotypic state. Plos Computational Biology 14(3): e1006051 (2018)
  5. Hao Ge*, Hong Qian and Xiaoliang Sunney Xie*: Stochastic phenotype transition of a single cell in an intermediate region of gene state switching. Physical Review Letters 114, 078101 (2015)
  6. Huiyi Chen, Katsuyuki Shiroguchi, Hao Ge* and Xiaoliang Sunney Xie*: Genome-wide study of mRNA degradation and transcript elongation in E. coli. Molecular Systems Biology 11: 781 (2015)
  7. Shasha Chong, Chongyi Chen, Hao Ge and Xiaoliang Sunney Xie*: Mechanism of transcriptional bursting in bacteria. Cell 158, 314–326 (2014)
  8. Hao Ge*, Min Qian* and Hong Qian*: Stochastic theory of nonequilibrium steady states. Part II: Applications in chemical biophysics. Physics Report 510, 87-118 (2012)
  9. Hao Ge* and Hong Qian*: The physical origins of entropy production, free energy dissipation and their mathematical representations. Physical Review E 81, 051133 (2010)
  10. Hao Ge* and Hong Qian*: Thermodynamic limit of a nonequilibrium steady state: Maxwell-type construction for a bistable biochemical system. Physical Review Letters 103, 148103 (2009)