Add:Rm. 205, Biomedical Pioneering Innovation Center, Integrated Science Research Center No.2,Peking University

Lab Web:

Wensheng Wei
Professor (PI)

2019–Present, Professor (tenured), School of Life Sciences (SLS)

2018–Present, Director, Peking University Genome Editing Research Center

2016–Present, Investigator, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics (ICG), Peking University

2015–Present, Investigator, Peking-Tsinghua Center for Life Sciences (CLS), Peking University

2014–Present, Investigator, Biomedical Pioneering Innovation Center (BIOPIC), Peking University

2016–Present, Investigator/Associate Professor (tenured), School of Life Sciences (SLS), Peking University

2007–2015, Investigator/Assistant Professor, School of Life Sciences (SLS), Peking University

2005–2007, Research Associate, Department of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine

1999–2004, Postdoctoral fellow in Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine Mentor: Prof. Stanley N. Cohen

19951999, Ph.D. in Genetics, Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA

19871991, B.S. in Biochemistry, Peking University, China

Research Interests

The research of Wei group  focuses on developing gene editing technologies, novel gene and cell therapies, and high-throughput functional genomics techniques. They aim to investigate the molecular mechanisms of major diseases such as cancer and infections, providing new drug targets and strategies for effective treatments.

Awards and Honors

2019,BI Investigator Award, 2019

2019,Weiming Outstanding Researcher Award

2018,Beijing Science & Technology Award (Third grade)

2018,China Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Talent Promotion Plan: Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

2018,Peking University Teaching Award

2016,China Patent Award

2016,Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award

2015,Scientific Chinese Man of the Year

2015,Zheng Changxue Teaching Award

2014,Bayer Investigator Award

2014,Roche Chinese Young Investigator Award

2012,Peking University Dongbao Fellowship

2010,Most popular teacher of School of Life Sciences

Selected Publication​
  1. Bao Y, Pan Q, Xu P, Liu Z, Zhang Z, Liu Y, Xu Y, Yu Y, Zhou Z*, Wei W*. (2023) Unbiased Interrogation of Functional Lysine Residues in Human Proteome. Molecular Cell 83, 4614-4632 e4616.

  2. Yi Z, Zhang X, Tang W, Yu Y, Wei X, Zhang X, and Wei W*. (2023) Strand-Selective Base Editing in Mitochondrial DNA using Programmable Deaminases with Targeted Nickase. Nat Biotechnol 42, 498-509.

  3. Qu L, Yi Z, Shen Y, Lin L, Chen F, Xu Y, Wu Z, Tang H, Zhang X, Tian F, Wang C, Xiao X, Dong X, Guo L, Lu S, Yang C, Tang C, Yang Y, Yu W, Wang, J, Zhou Y, Huang Q, Yisimayi A, Liu S, Huang WJ, Cao Y, Wang Y, Zhou Z, Peng X, Wang J, Xie X, Wei W*. (2022) Circular RNA Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 and Emerging Variants. Cell 185, 1728-1744 e1716.
  4. Yi Z, Qu L, Tang H, Liu Z, Liu Y, Tian F, Wang C, Zhang X, Feng Z, Yu Y, Yuan P, Yi Z, Zhao Y, Wei W*. (2022) Engineered circular ADAR-recruiting RNAs increase the efficiency and fidelity of RNA editing in vitro and in vivo. Nature Biotechnology 40(6): 946-955.
  5. Xu P, Liu Z, Liu Y, Ma H, Xu Y, Bao Y, Zhu S, Cao Z, Wu Z, Zhou Z and Wei W*. (2021) Genome-wide interrogation of gene functions through base editor screens empowered by barcoded sgRNAs. Nature Biotechnology. 39, 1403–1413.
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